Bruxism/Grinding Appliances

From traditional hard acrylic nightguards & Hawley Bite Plates to the new Erkodent Hard/Soft Splints, we offer a full array of appliances to help your patients stop the grind and protect their investment. Are you wasting valuable chair time grinding them in? Check out our page on taking better bite registrations for better results. We even make things easier now to replace worn out appliances with our Hassle Free Replacement Program.  

bruxism grinding appliances

Comfort H/S Splint (Hard/Soft)

We are an authorized lab for Glidewell’s Comfort H/S Splints. These exceptional appliances are the most widely prescribed on the market today, and we can have them back to you in as little as one week. Learn more here.

clear bow

Comfort Splint (Hard)

Made from the same material as the Comfort H/S Splints, these are BPA free ISO Certified. With thicknesses ranging from 1 mm to 5 mm, they offer the same superior protection and durability at the Comfort H/S Splints, but without the soft interior.

Hard Acrylic (Traditional)

Hard Acrylic (Traditional)

The traditional hard acrylic guards have been the standard for decades. We make them with FDA approved materials on the lower or upper arch, articulated with your bite when supplied for easier inserts.

clear bow

Thermoplastic Traditional

The traditional thermoplastic guard offers a soft, inner thermoformed material underneath the hard acrylic platform for increased patient comfort. As with all of our Bruxism/Grinding appliances, they can be made on the upper or lower arch and a bite register is highly recommended.

Hawley Bite Plate

Hawley Bite Plate

Different concept; same result. One doctor told me if you were trained at Penn, you used Bite Plates. If you were trained at Temple, you used guards. The idea is to have the anteriors contact and grind, eventually relaxing the bite so the patient does not grind at all. One doctor told me he saw a large amount of wear in the first couple weeks but then, as the bite relaxed, none. Multiple clasping options are available. Seen here is our most standard: Hawley bow with “C” clasps around the terminal molars so there is as little interproximal contact as possible. These can also be made with clear acrylic on the bow to protect veneers or with the Clear Bow.


Invisible Bite Plate

An acrylic platform is added to a clear retainer, either the standard Essix material or the Erkodent hard/soft material for the same result as the Hawley Bite Plate but without the wire work. A downside, as with all clear retainers, is they are not as durable and need to be replaced more often.