Clear (Invisible) Retainers

This used to be easier. Much easier. Invisible retainers were basically one size fits all–pun intended. Essix has even become a synonym for invisible retainers. If a doctor asked for a price, it was one price. Then, things got complicated.

Materials and thermoforming techniques have advanced since those early days and we have kept pace with the times as doctors asked for better products. A lot of the materials out there are the same as that used in plastic coke bottles or those containers you buy produce in at the grocery store. Research and development have moved us away from certain materials and towards other products that offer more comfort and longer lasting retainers.

Fixed Expanders Hyrax

Erkodent Retainers

ISO approved (the European version of the FDA with more stringent rules) and hypoallergenic, Erkodent is now our basic material for invisible retainers. With various types and thicknesses, there are a lot of options to choose from and you can see them here. Our standard is the 1mm Erkodur–the same thickness as the .040 most offices have.

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Fixed Expanders Hyrax


The Erkoloc-Pro is the same material we use for the Comfort Hard/Soft Splints, with a hard exterior and a soft interior. For daily wear, we recommend the 1mm or the 1.3mm.

Fixed Expanders Hyrax
Fixed Expanders Hyrax
Fixed Expanders Hyrax


Zendura is our premium material. It is proven to last longer with greater durability and stain resistance. It has been tested against all of the other materials on the market. The material itself is different and the the way it is manufactured is different as well. You can find more information on it at

Finishing Your Invisible Retainers

Your patients, my family and friends, have come into my office asking me to do something about the invisible retainers that were made in your offices. They would like it so they don’t slice through their fingers and gums inserting them or taking them out. I don’t mean to sound this way but, what did you use to finish them? Garden shears and a nail file?

At BMOL, we use the same care and precision to finish invisible retainers as we do with Hawley Retainers, backed by 30 years experience. Just as the materials have advanced, so have the finishing tools. Using a lathe or a hand piece, we use 5-6 different burs and polishing tools after the retainer is cut off the model to provide your patient a quality appliance.

Replacing Your Invisible Retainers

Your invisible retainers can be replaced with a simple phone call rather than an office visit for new impressions.

Working from your scans or models, we save them digitally. With a phone call, we can print the models and have them to your office or mailed to your patient within three days.

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