Duraloy Wire

Duraloy Wire

Duraloy is a premium grade wire, more than 10x stronger than stainless steel. Since we first began using it five years ago, we have been so impressed by its durability that we now offer a lifetime guarantee on any appliance made with it. If the wire breaks for any reason, we will replace it free of charge.

A popular option for Hawley Retainers is soldered “C” clasps on the bow. We make it with a twist, soldering a bow to the clasps (makes for easier-and free-repairs when the solder joint goes, typically without the need for an impression). A drawback of this design is that it creates a weak point in the wirework, where the bend at the occlusion meets with the soldering. This point is also where the patient typically grabs the retainer to remove it.

With stainless steel, making about 40-50 of this design per week, we could see up to 5-6 broken c-clasps. With Duraloy, we see one every couple of months. For non-soldered retainers, we have seen an even more dramatic decrease in breakages.

The last thing we want to see in our lab are repairs. We understand that it can create chaos in your schedule, not to mention the waste in your patients’ time. Offering Duraloy wire is one way that we try to prevent it.

Duraloy wire is 10x as strong as the surgical stainless steel, and it is also 10x as expensive. There is an additional $10 charge per appliance made with Duraloy. Some of our appliances (spring aligners) are routinely made with Duraloy and the extra cost is built into the price.

  • We also offer a premium grade ball clasp. Though not Duraloy, with a year of use we have seen such a dramatic decrease in repairs that we offer the same guarantee as with the Duraloy.
  • Acrylic repairs are not covered under the guarantee. But we will soon be offering a hassle free retainer replacement program.