Hassle Free Retainer Replacement Program

Bryn Mawr Orthodontic Lab is looking into ways to improve long term satisfaction of orthodontic treatment. It is why we have introduced our Hassle Free Retainer Replacement Program.

Post orthodontic treatment means retainers. For life. Teeth actually remember where they used to be and want to get back there. They also just naturally shift as we get older. That is why wearing retainers as directed by a doctor is so important. A typical recommendation is wearing retainers 24/7 for the first six months and then nighttime wear after that. For life.

Retainers get lost. They break. They even wear out over time. Most relapse occurs when people stop wearing their retainers and just don’t make it back to the orthodontist before shifting begins.

Our Hassle Free Retainer Replacement Program would mean as soon as the retainer was lost or broke, a new set of retainers could be ordered with a simple phone call instead of an appointment and a new set of impressions. Within one week, they would be at the office. In some instances, the retainers could be mailed directly to the patient (or college dorm or even a vacation destination.)

How the program works is simple. When the braces are removed, we would create a set of digital study models, a 3D duplicate of the mouth that we save on our computer. When we get the call, we print the models and make the requested retainers on the 3D printed molds. The new retainers would be delivered within one week and will fit the exact same as the first set you received.

There is catch, and it is a big one. As noted above, the new set of retainers would fit exactly the same as the first set. That means if there has been any shifting of the teeth, if the patient waited too long before calling, the new retainers would not fit and a new set of impressions would be necessary.

Please call or contact us for more details on the program and for pricing information.