About Bryn Mawr Orthodontic Laboratories (BMOL)

Established in 1980, Bryn Mawr Orthodontic Lab is located in the heart of the Main Line suburbs, just a few miles outside of Philadelphia. Much has changed since we first opened our doors and began making orthodontic appliances. Long gone are the days when retainers were only made in two colors (clear and pink), and when we still made bands for braces in-house. But some things have not changed. Our commitment to quality and customer service allows us to continue to establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. And we’ve stayed on top of the industry, investing in the newest and best technologies before our regional competitors. We’re proud of the business we’ve built, and always look forward to finding new ways to offer better service to our customers.

Owners – Eric Windle and Sergei Leibowitz