Other Appliances

From simple 3-3 spring retainers to Twin Blocks with bite advancement screws–and everything in between–we offer the full range of appliances, both removable and fixed, that you expect from a full service orthodontic laboratory.

Below, please find a sampling of what we offer and what is frequently requested.

For a complete list please call to request our catalog or with any questions.

Spring Retainers Aligners

Spring Retainers (Aligners)

Spring retainers (aligners) are routinely made with Duraloy wire for extra strength. The incisors are reset to ideal (or not) and a piece of .028 wire is wrapped around them, with acrylic both labial and lingual, to move teeth into place or to retain following orthodontic treatment. Aligners can be 3-3, 4-4, with acrylic extensions (modified), and with soldered extensions. A super modified spring retainer is essential a Hawley with a mushroom spring lingual to the incisors.

holding arches retainer

Holding Arches

Nances, Lower Lingual Arches, Upper Lingual Arches and TPA’s make up our Holding Arches. These appliances, soldered to molar bands, are used to maintain the position of the molars while the adult teeth erupt. Common modifications are adjustment loops, soldered spurs, and springs. Band and Loops are made to hold single spaces.

Lower Jaw Advancement Appliances

Lower Jaw Advancement

Twin Blocks (Clark Appliances) and Bionators are used for lower jaw advancement. A fairly recent modification for the Twin Blocks are bite advancement screws that are set into the blocks, allowing the patient to advance their jaw in more gradual increments.

Grinding and Bruxism Appliances

Grinding and Bruxism

Though we love the new Comfort H/S Splints, we also offer the full range of traditional appliances for grinding and bruxism. Hard acrylic nightguards can be made in a variety of colors. Bite plates are retainers made with anterior acrylic platforms that inhibit the posterior teeth from contacting. Mora and Gelb Appliances utilize posterior acrylic platforms with no anterior acrylic.

Habit Appliances

We have seen and made many different varieties of this fixed appliance to inhibit thumb sucking and tongue thrusting. The most common is the one pictured: a grill soldered to an abbreviated upper lingual arch. Other varieties include loops soldered to the arch, or loops embedded in an acrylic button.