Digital Services Price Schedule


Digital Study Models

Rough Finish:$20/Set
Standard Finish:$25
Full Finish:$30
Clean and Base Your Scans:$15
Bulk Rate Discount to Covert:$9
Basic Report in PDF:Free
Advanced Report in PDF:$20

Model Printing

Models to make our appliance:
Models without appliances:
Low profile based:$60/set
Full based:$80/set

Other Services

Clean up of scan (up to 5 min):$5/arch
Digital Debonding$10/arch
Tooth Manipulation (digital set up):$20/arch

Turnaround Time

Digital Study Models:1 week
Printed models to fabricate our appliances:No extra time
Printing models for you:1 week
Digital debonding:Add 2 days to our normal
Crystalign Services:2 weeks