digital study model services

digital study model services

Introducing Our Digital Study Model Service

We use the latest technology from 3Shape, an industry leader, to scan your impressions or casts to produce digital study models (DSM’s). At less than the cost of traditional plaster models, DSM’s can be viewed using free software provided by 3Shape. Rotate, zoom, snap 2D photos and examine the maxillary and mandibular models together or individually with intuitive ease. DSM’s are easily archived, are compatible with practice management systems and can be an important tool in treatment plans and patient education.


Rough Finish: Your casts or impressions are scanned as is. Occlusal and sagital planes are established, as well as the bite alignment, but bases are not added and there has been no sculpting. It would be like viewing working models.

Standard Finish: Comparable to the “pour and trim only” option available for traditional plaster models. Only limited sculpting is done. Occlusal and sagital planes are established, along with the bite relationship, and bases are added.

Full Finish: Your models are fully sculpted. Artifacts and blemishes are removed, holes and indentations in the teeth and tissue are filled and other deficiencies in the impressions or casts are fixed with a full array of sculpting tools.

Turnaround Time

DSM’s are processed within one week from the day we receive them. In special cases, we can have Rough and Standard Finish available in one business day.

Are you currently taking two sets of impressions for your patients’ final visit – one set for study models and one set for appliances?

We can use your appliance casts to create DSM’s, saving you the time and hassle of taking a second set of impressions. An extra charge may apply, depending on how quickly you need your appliances returned. Please call for details.

Do you need a set of DSM’s printed? Turnaround time is one week.