InvisX Retainers

After a year in development and testing, we are excited to offer our InvisX Retainers, exclusively through BMOL.

Made with a soft, colorful inner liner, they are more comfortable on the patient–and harder to lose. With 10 colors and four designs to choose from, they also just make them more fun for the patient.

The hard outer shell is our premium invisible material, Zendura. It is thinner at .76mm (the standard material is 1mm or .040) but more durable with greater stain resistance. We invite you to check out this superior material at where it has been tested against all of the other materials out there on the market.

The InvisX Retainers are finished by trained technicians with decades of experience and multiple tools to ensure the best and greatest comfort for your patient, with no sharp or ragged edges.

As a passive retainer, they are available for door delivery service with our Hassle Free Replacement Program.

Samples on printed models to display for your patients are available upon request.


InvisX Retainer Color Chart

Choose from 10 colors and 4 designs!

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