Hawley Retainers

For this industry standard, BMOL offers the full range of options. Specific designs are as unique as the doctors who order them.

Labial bows 3-3, 4-4, soldered to Adams clasps on the 6’s or a full circumferential distal to the terminal molars? Soldered c-clasps? Adams, c’s, balls or arrow clasps? Auxiliary clasps soldered to the bow or embedded in the acrylic? Springs, helix springs, eyelet springs or spurs? Add ons for increased functionality including bite plates anterior or posterior, habit attachments, hooks for elastics?

You can be comfortable in the knowledge that though the design may be different, the quality will be consistent. We take special care to work with our doctors to know their exact specifications in regard to the size and type of wire and the design of the auxiliaries.

Do you have special needs or want to try something different for better results? We routinely work with doctors on special projects.

A few examples have been:

  1. A retainer made entirely of metal for a patient who was allergic to all plastics
  2. A new design for a retainer that effectively rotated the cuspids
  3. Smaller and more effective springs

We have probably seen every variation on designs and auxiliaries, but your patients have not imagined every variation that can be created from our expansive color chart.

Phillies Hawley Retainer
2 pink Hawley Retainers
Blue Marbled Hawley Retainer
Side view of Hawley Retainer
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