Snap Lock Screws

Snap Lock Screws

Snap Lock Screws have become very popular with some of our doctors for hyraxes and bonded RPE’s.

They are similar in almost all aspects to our standard Palex II and Leone screws. There are two main differences.

  1. The legs are welded parallel to the midline as opposed to perpendicular. This allows for a more comfortable fit.
  2. There is a flat spring within the screw housing. When the doctor or patient activates the spindle, the flat spring snaps into place. With each quarter turn, there is a “click” that can be felt, which aids in compliance. Further, the hole in the spindle is always in the right place for reactivation. If overactivated, the Snap Lock Screw can be turned back.

There is an extra charge of $4 to upgrade to the Snap Lock Screw on your appliances.

We also offer Slim Line Expanders (single leg) in both 8 & 12mm as well as various sizes of both the Snap Lock (8, 10, & 12mm) and Palex II (10 & 12mm).