InvisX Retainer

After a year of development, we are excited to offer these dual layer invisible retainers. They have a soft, colorful inner liner that is more comfortable, rigid and makes them harder to lose. The outer shell is .76mm Zendura.

Zendura, now our premium invisible retainer material, is unlike anything else out on the market. It is thinner, clearer and proven to be more durable and more stain resistant. The material is manufactured and processed differently than other materials. It also comes in 1mm (.040) but the .76mm has been shown to be more than adequate. Check it out on the web for yourself:

InvisX Retainers are available in 10 different colors and 4 different designs—see the sample color chart.

Color charts and samples on printed models (shown above) are available upon request.

The cost of an InvisX Retainer is $60. Samples to display to your patients are free to our clients. If you are not a current client, the cost of a sample is $85. If you begin using our lab for these retainers, the $85 will be credited to your account after three months.

Call if you would like us to stop by with samples.